Miraculous Sofievka Park in Uman, Ukraine

We live in Kyiv, only 300 kilometers from Uman, and can easily get to Sofievka park by car, bus or train… As we heard a lot of exalted stories about Uman park, we decided to go there by car early in the morning and see the park ourselves. The way to Uman took us through the thanksgiving parks, and our arrival in the Uman square was unexpected. The square was full of people. The Cathedral was covered with sparkling snow, and many old wooden or stone buildings looked like vibrant jewels besides the square. Uman Cathedral was built in 1703.
When we entered the square, right in front of the Cathedral, there were already some wooden benches laid out in a circle around the monument to Duke George of Swezey. There were also some stalls selling souvenirs and gifts for tourists. By the way, the Cathedral door remained shut. It was celebrated that at the moment of consecration, the Governor of Kyiv blessed this church, and the Governor called for troops to surround this church and the Cathedral. It was also announced that the building of this church cost 7 million gold ribbons!
Well, our first view of Uman’s Cathedral was rather reluctant. It was covered with snow, and all the stalls were open. What a wonderful sensation it was to enter this huge building! Though I didn’t encounter any difficulties or difficulties in my life to come to Uman, this was one of the first experiences in my life to have an education in another country.
Krivizanske Teoty is one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. This is the capital of the Golden Generation in the field of science, technology, and medicine. Unfortunately, a civil war ended in 1991, and the city is still suffering from economic crisis.
First of all, it was concentrated in the suburbs. I was astonished that there was still such a thing as shops in the suburbs in such a big city like Uman. During the Orange Revolution in 1989, the city was the center of the conflict. Now, my favorite pastime is to go to the suburbs and find a quiet corner, where one can read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe.
Besides, the city has many historical and architectural sights. The Cathedral of St. Joseph, which is considered one of the finest examples of k Cathedral architecture in Eastern Europe, is located in the suburbs. It was built at the beginning of the 11th century. The Veletrzni Palac is a unique example of attachment architecture in the world. During the Second World War, more than 450 holes were pierced through the centuries in order to hold up the bell tower. In papier-mache, the tower was reconstructed. The bell was stolen during the construction. The new construction, which is now being installed, features ceramic turquoise and silver bells, which sound equally well with big horns as with a smaller bell.
The Cathedral and the Palace of St. John are only a part of the many attractions in Uman. There are also the HotelUC, SoDo Hotel, and an Isklen hotel in the center of the city. The Hotel cacao is in the center of the pedestrian zone of the city. It is also the center of the Lithuania American Cultural Centre. Several bars and cafes in the Ä riddles the Hotel Rooms52. The Territory is somewhere between the modern city and the bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.
By the way, it is also the place to buy the bulk of goods produced in the city, at exorbitant prices.
Uman is also an important cultural, industrial, and scientific center. In particular, it is a hub of a lot of active companies and research institutions.
So, come to Uman!

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