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You have to visit Spain at least once in your life.

No matter what you are interested in, Spain has a facility to do it. 1930 million tourists visited Spain last year and most of them visited via ferries from port to port. Ferries also arrive from northern Europe to Spain.

Sailing in Spain is an experience in itself. A 26 kilometer long canal with rooms to rent is an example of the technology that guided the development of this country. Built in the 17th century, it is one of the world’s longest canal and was used for centuries before the invention of ships. The old stone canalks have since been replaced by the more modern steel locks.

Spain is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its unique culture has everything to do with this. Its food is unique and varies greatly from place to place. The people are friendly and welcoming.

In the northern parts of Spain you will find the people Alpine, protected by the Rocky Mountains. The people built up with Celtic appearances – light clothing, brown to almost silver jewellery and must have looked rather like the Romans. In the south, the people looked like those in the southern parts of France and Spain. Their clothing was light and they wore shoes instead of donkeys. Their appearance suggests that they travelled by boat all the way from the Mediterranean.

Spain is an interesting country to visit simply because it has been fortunate enough to evolve from a simple Andalusian culture to a more typically European and mainstream European culture. Simply picking up a guidebook will open the eyes of students to the similarities of cultures throughout Northern and South Spain.

The Pyrenees are a good example of this broad approach to culture. These mountains are in the southwest corner of Spain and down here the climate is mild, even in the winter. You will also find large groups of Indo-European settlers, who were probably the pioneers of farming and cattle-rearing, as well as Bronze Age people who had occupied the area for thousands of years. It has a unique culture and climate all its own.

When you go to this region you will also find that the people are a mix of French, German,lish and Andalusian. You may also find that the cuisine is similar in most sectors. It has a lot of rice and wheat based dishes. You may also find a good Mediterranean diet here.

Bercelona is the second biggest city in Spain. It is also known as the cosmopolitan capital of Spain. It is a dynamic and prosperous city that mixes its architectural heritage with its sense of art and culture. It has an international airport and a vibrant cultural calendar. The city is centered around the Plaza de Cataluña, a beautiful place with cafes, museums and Churches.

At the center of the city is the Baroque Cathedral, a place of worship that is the work of Gaudi. It stands on the spot where La Merced should be located, a huge natural man-made structure.

The Gothic Cathedral is constructed from sixteen important Gothic buildings, which were participates in the construction process by the architect Santiago Rusi, and distinct from the rest of the Cathedral. There are tapestries and statues all over the Cathedral.

To the south is the Gothic Cathedral, a place of worship that is built in the Moorish style. The interior of the Cathedral is decorated with Systematic tiles andords.

This Cathedral is architecturally stunning, and its design is exquisite. Cathedral of Our Lady, is a place of worship, too, which is centered around a sarcophagus and a Fundacio.

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